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 Gold Bangles > 22K Gold Kadas
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Gold Bangles > 22K Gold Kadas >in range US$ 750 to US$ 2180 - Showing Products to 25 of 25     
Price range: $550 to $2200 | $2200 to $3850 | $3850 to $5500 | $5500 to $7150 | $7150 to $8800 |
in range

22K Bangle Bracelet with Meenakari
Code: AjBa65557
 22K Bangle Bracelet with Meenakari- US $ 756

Indian White Gold Bangle(1 Pc)
Code: AjBa56543
 Indian White Gold Bangle(1 Pc)- US $ 786

22 KT Gold Peacock Kada (1pc)
Code: AjBa65549
 22 KT Gold Peacock Kada (1pc)- US $ 840

Traidtional Peacock Kada (1 pc) 22k
Code: AjBa65562
 Traidtional Peacock Kada (1 pc) 22k- US $ 855

22kt Gold  Kada (1pc)
Code: AjBa62883
 22kt Gold Kada (1pc)- US $ 871

22kt gold Pipe Kada (2 Pcs)
Code: AjBa62865
 22kt gold Pipe Kada (2 Pcs)- US $ 1019

22K Designer Ladies Kada
Code: AjBa55539
 22K Designer Ladies Kada- US $ 1026

22K Gold meenakari Kada (1pc)
Code: AjBa65902
 22K Gold meenakari Kada (1pc)- US $ 1065

22kt Gold Kada (2 pcs)
Code: AjBa62880
 22kt Gold Kada (2 pcs)- US $ 1134

22K Gold Kada
Code: AsBa55643
 22K Gold Kada- US $ 1231

22kt Gold Hollow Pipe Kada (2PC)
Code: AjBa62874
 22kt Gold Hollow Pipe Kada (2PC)- US $ 1252

22KT Gold  Kada (2pc)
Code: AjBa62876
 22KT Gold Kada (2pc)- US $ 1257

22KT Gold pipe Kada (set of 2)
Code: AjBa62888
 22KT Gold pipe Kada (set of 2)- US $ 1307

22K Yellow Gold Pipe Kada
Code: AjBa62866
 22K Yellow Gold Pipe Kada- US $ 1312

22K Fancy Filigree Gold Kadas (1pc)
Code: AjBa60897
 22K Fancy Filigree Gold Kadas (1pc)- US $ 1621

Designer 3 Tone Filigreee Kadas 22k
Code: AjBa58854
 Designer 3 Tone Filigreee Kadas 22k- US $ 1645

22K Gold meenakari Kada (1pc)
Code: AjBa65901
 22K Gold meenakari Kada (1pc)- US $ 1740

22KT Gold meenakari Kada (1 Pc)
Code: AjBa63388
 22KT Gold meenakari Kada (1 Pc)- US $ 1754

22K Gold Pipe Kadas
Code: AjBa62836
 22K Gold Pipe Kadas- US $ 1831

22kt Gold Pipe Kada (2pcs)
Code: AjBa64117
 22kt Gold Pipe Kada (2pcs)- US $ 1858

22 Kt Gold  Kada (2pc)
Code: AjBa64927
 22 Kt Gold Kada (2pc)- US $ 1928

22kt Gold Pipe Kada (2 pcs)
Code: AjBa64197
 22kt Gold Pipe Kada (2 pcs)- US $ 1979

22 kt Fancy Tricolor Bangles (Pair)
Code: AjBa65630
 22 kt Fancy Tricolor Bangles (Pair)- US $ 1996

22Karat Gold Pipe Kadas
Code: AjBa64198
 22Karat Gold Pipe Kadas- US $ 2084

22K Exclusive Religious Kada(1 Pc)
Code: AjBa55500
 22K Exclusive Religious Kada(1 Pc)- US $ 2173

Price range: $550 to $2200 | $2200 to $3850 | $3850 to $5500 | $5500 to $7150 | $7150 to $8800 |

 Gold Bangles > 22K Gold Kadas >in range US$ 750 to US$ 2180 - Showing Products 1 to 25 of 25


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