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18kt White Gold Diamond Set

18kt White Gold Diamond Set
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US$ 71,392 - Available in Stock in stock - (89.5 Grams)
Product Description:
 This unique 18kt white gold diamonds jewelry is exclusively  designed and made for our Signature Collection.
The oval shaped solitaire diamonds are set in a halo style setting with small diamonds as part of the Halo.
The wide mesh back chain gives a good grip around the neck for a comfortable choker style diamond set.
Please observe Shweta Tiwari wearing the necklace and earrings to get a perspective of the look around the neck.
Several large oval shaped diamonds are used in this necklace and earrings.
We have used a more affordable diamonds quality of VS2 Clarity G-H
The diamond details are as follows
DIA	OV	1/6	2 	0.310 
DIA	OV	1/5	11 	2.100 
DIA	OV	1/4	16 	4.170 
DIA	OV	1/4	4 	0.930 
DIA	OV	1/3	5 	1.670 
DIA	OV	3/8	1 	0.380 
DIA	OV	3/8	2 	0.850 
DIA	OV	0.46	2 	0.970 
DIA	OV	1/2	9 	4.650 
DIA	OV	1-1.24	1 	1.060 
DIA	RD	-11	1142 	5.535 
Total Diamonds in Necklace	22.625 CARATS
DIA	OV	1/4	1 	0.260 
DIA	OV	1/3	2 	0.690 
DIA	OV	3/8	3 	1.200 
DIA	OV	1/2	2 	1.000 
DIA	OV	1/2	2 	1.040 
DIA	PE	1/4	6 	1.420 
DIA	RD	-11	374 	1.376 
Total Diamonds in Earrings	6.986 CARATS
The Necklace is adjustable from 14.5 Inchs to 15.5 inch. There is 1 1/2 inches of link at the back to make sure that you get a nice comfortable fit. The Diamonds Portion in the Necklace is Tapering From 25 mm at the center to 20 mm at the end.
The earrings are appx 60 mm long and 30 mm wide at the widest portion. Please check the picture for a correct perspective.
18kt White Gold Diamond Set (CODE : Sign58946)  
Special Price :  US $ 71,392 ( 89.5 Grams)
Available in Stock available in stock

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Zaveri Bazaar Signature Collection 2013

Zaveri Bazaar Signature Collection 2013 
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